The ADHD Pilot Podcast Project

So after kicking around some ideas, I did a quick podcast to spout some ideas. I do better when I have goals, focus, and when I’m doing something I care about. I took a long break form doing anything web or marketing related because I was just burned out. However, recently I have an “itch” to start some new projects. I had a great talk with my old Friend Jeremy Enke last night, and he echo’d one of the thoughts that has been rolling around my head for months “I must be creating something I care about, or I become dull inside“.

The ADHD Podcast

So this podcast will evolve as I go, my plan is to hit topics I care about, business, startups,¬†entrepreneurship, and marketing. One thing I’m very excited about is Enke said he would do a new Show/Video Podcast with me, we haven’t worked out specifics yet, but anything he does is always innovative and special.

Anyway, here is my ramblings from my pilot podcast:

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