Fears and Failures of Business

Note: This is the first in a series of posts I’ll be making about Fear and Failures. I’ve had several successes since I started working in the online world of business. But it’s the failures and fears that I want to cover right now.

My First Success

I remember back in 2010 when my partners and I launched our first major project which we leased to a major company to make our first real money. At the time we were both working full time careers and we both were making a LOT more money on our side projects, than we were in the corporate world. For the previous few years we had managed to work our day jobs in the corporate world, and spent our nights working on our passion project. It wasn’t long before my partner left his corporate job, and about a year later I did the same.

The Dream

Working for yourself is the American dream right? Good money, free trips, the ability to go and do whatever we wanted. Best of all was that we created it. We built a project people not only wanted, but were willing to pay for. Working on something you can get excited about is a rare thing, and it’s a feeling most people will never get to feel. We were the lucky ones and we knew it.

The point of this post isn’t to brag about successes or making a lot of money. Although those things are a part of the story I suppose. But the real story is the struggle to get to that point, and the failures after reaching that point. Making a lot of money is great, especially when you are young, but there is a hidden downside to having success early in life. Where do you go from there? We made money, but not enough money to retire and be lazy for the next 50+ years.

Fear Becoming Reality

We ended up hitting a rough patch after early success. The company we leased our products too basically imploded and in the end we sold the software for a nice one-time payday and washed our hands of it. then the real challenges happened. What do we do from here? Do we find another project? Find a new market? Was this a “one hit wonder”? Can we make a new/sccuessful project happen again?

Keep in mind we spent 2+ years working on our first project, we funded it ourselves which consisted mainly of us doing ALL the work and using our own money where we had to. Now we had no fallback jobs or income, and our biggest fears were becoming a reality.

The big question now was, do we give in to our fears and go back to the corporate world, or do we push on…


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