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It’s obviously been a long time since I’ve posted anything on here, truth is I just didn’t have much to say. Or I should say I didn’t have anything GOOD to say. But it’s summer time, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, I live in the Mountains of the Ozarks, and life is pretty good. On that note, I want to see if I can post a quick re-cap of the last couple years, and mentioned my new projects in the online marketing world.

Daily Fantasy Sports

A couple years ago I took a full time position with “The Mckinley Group” which is a private investment firm our of Michigan. They flew me out, they showed me a business plan for a new style of Daily Fantasy Sports website, and they hired me to make it happen. They had already raised 500k for the initial development, with another 500k secured. I hired an excellent programmer, a designer, and a part time programmer. Less than 4 months later, we were live. We were also bringing in revenue. But without getting into too many details, it was always a struggle getting paid by the MG, we had more “bosses” than we had employees, and we never had a real budget to work with.

Long story short, last year all of us stopped getting paid, we were told it was just a hiccup. 3 Months later I finally realized they were never going to pay us, so we cut out losses. No idea where the Million in funding went, it didn’t go into the business or the employees. The DFS market is a tough one, and it was a great experience overall (other than they owe me $20,000 still) – The Bottom line is we made money in the DFS space, we didn’t have profits yet, but there’s only so much you can do with no budget.

If you haven’t looked into the Daily Fantasy Sports Market, you are missing out! There is literally BILLIONS of Dollars flowing into this market, it is 100% Legal, and Paypal Friendly! I’ll post more about this later on. 

General Consulting

Not getting paid for months on end out of the blue put my family in a horrible position. I don’t mean “oh we can’t go on vacation, I mean we cannot pay our house payment this month) – But that’s what life throws at you. My wife had been in college getting her nursing degree (she did) And she got several great job offers. So that helped us get back on our feet. I went back into general consulting, and even considered and interviewed positions back in the corporate world.

I spent most of my life in corporate America doing Legal Affairs and Regulatory Affairs work for most of my life, so I figured I would jump back in the grind again. I took a few interviews with nice companies, the big issue was the travel and the distance. All of these companies are at least an hour away, so the wife and I had to seriously consider whether or not we were willing to move now before our daughters graduated next year, or find other options.

In the end, I decided to try and get some consulting contracts for SEO, Conversion Optimization, Content Writing, etc. It also allowed me to focus on building some new Poker/Casino/Sports Affiliate sites. Turns out, once you know how to target players in the gambling space, then you have a way to make money for life (sorta lol). Either way, was nice to get a site up and see actual revenue within a short time. It’s proof of concept in a way, there is still money to be made in the Gambling Affiliate Space.

New Web Projects

I am doing several local projects within my community. Mainly building websites for small business and even the local Chamber of Commerce website. The pay isn’t great, but everything helps and it allows me the freedom to spend more time with my wife and kids. My wife is now a Registered Nurse, and still in school and working full time. She is an amazing women, and easily the best thing that ever happened to a guy like me.

I recently saw an opportunity to a well known Affiliate Company, fired off an email with an idea I had to help their business, and now a few days later I have a new project. It’s a project that is near and dear to my heart. Without too many specifics, I will be starting a project that allows me to:

  • Get Back into the Affiliate Space and work with Affiliates
  • Interview Affiliates about their success
  • Help Empower Gaming Affiliates
  • Interview and work with Gaming operators
  • Help Build better Affiliate to Operator relationships

Initially my role will be small, but I hope to deliver good results that allows us all to expand on the initial foundation of our ideas. I enjoy speaking with other affiliates like myself, I learn something new every time. I think a lot of others feel the same way, being an online affiliate can be a very lonely world, but if all goes well we can shrink that world a little.

That’s about it, you are caught up on everything about me. Life is good, life is rough, but life goes on. It’s an exciting day!



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